A Case For Side-track Campaign with Motor BHA

By: Erwan de Boisjolly

An Operator is planning a side-track campaign on approximately 20 wells. As they want to reduce equipment’s costs -avoiding expensive RSS- they want to assess if these wells can be drilled with steerable motor BHA. The

Operator contacted DrillScan to perform some advanced engineering, considering both Directional and Mechanical aspects. The Operator also asked DrillScan to provide recommendations for drill pipes selection, to optimize drillstring design in terms of Hydraulics and Torque & Drag.

A complete Trajectory screening had been performed by DrillScan beforehand, to identify the most challenging well trajectories to be drilled during this campaign.

Directional challenges
The objective is to assess if the complex 3D trajectory could be drilled using a steerable motor BHA despite high DLS (10deg/30m) in soft formation.

DrillScan proposed a BHA design that can deliver build, drop and slant sections in a single run, simulating with our WellScan® software its sensitivity to Weight On Bit (WOB) and Hole Overgauge.

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