Wellbore Survey Management full services offer

The 7 services regrouped on this Wellbore Survey Management full services offer provide :

  • A package to improve wellbore accuracy and reduce position uncertainty.
  • Improve the TVD accuracy of well placement by applying BHA Sag correction.
  • Optimise the wellbore survey sensor position to minimise BHA Sag error.
  • Enhance collision avoidance process with a real-time BHA Sag correction.
  • Reconstruct true wellbore trajectory by determining local doglegs between survey stations.
  • Anticipate and prevent high tortuosity and potential lock-up with an advanced local dogleg process.
  • Correct the drill string stretch in order to improve MD accuracy.
  • Control the quality, completeness and reliability of the wellbore trajectory database, correcting the wellbore surveys for gross errors and improve the collision avoidance process.

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