Well Integrity full services offer

The 4 services regrouped on this Well Integrity full services offer provide :

  • Accurate calculation of expected cumulative 3D oriented casing wear, based on powerful stiff-string model for all rotating operations.
  • Have a good understanding of the anticipated casing wear, in order to qualify the casing as a competent safety barrier for the entire well life cycle.
  • Select appropriate casing strings or liners by performing a complete Casing Design accounting for casing wear.
  • Perform casing design using Working Stress or Limit State design by taking into account various load cases and ensure that the stresses experienced by the casing do not surpass the mechanical limit.
  • Ensure appropriate centraliser placement along the casing by performing a Casing Deformation & Standoff calculation.
  • Validate if designed cement sheath provides a competent protective barrier across and above reservoirs.

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