Tubular String Integrity full services offer

The 7 services regrouped on this Tubular String Integrity full services offer provide :

  • Unique powerful drilling mechanics package; stiff-string Torque & Drag & Buckling, as strong and robust as Finite Element Analysis while being orders of magnitudes faster, allows detailed analysis of all drilling, casing and completion operations.
  • Understand friction, buckling phenomena, induced fatigue and force transfer of your drilling operations at indepth, and size your Drilling Rig lifting, rotating and pumping capability based on sound T&D&B analyses.
  • Analyse runs and avoid failures of any piece of equipment along drilling and production strings, be it a sensitive measurement tool, a drilling jar or a fragile completion screen.
  • Prevent lock-up and/or damage of completion strings due to unplanned doglegs or tortuosity in real-time support.
  • Avoid vibrational induced failures and analyse specific Stick-Slip and Whirling effects indepth.

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