Special Services full offer

The 3 services regrouped on this Special Services full offer provide :

  • Receive support and risk assessment for any field development or well program by applying a unique Drilling Technology Screening Process.
  • Evaluate rig sizing, drilling program, drilling fluids program and well trajectory against the well specific hazards, the data acquisition and exploration / production objectives.
  • Benchmark the well trajectory proposals for any field development based on customised criteria.
  • Anticipate operational difficulties and risks for all planned trajectories and find efficient fit for purpose solutions.
  • Enhance onsite Directional Drilling monitoring and analysis for collision avoidance assurance and to derive accurate wellbore tortuosity.
  • Enhance the Drilling Mechanics analysis (T&D&B, Hydraulics and Drilling Dynamics), and benefit from real time recommendations to prevent development of drilling issues.

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