Continuous Inclination Measurements and BHA Modeling Help Detect Microdoglegs

Microdoglegs are a natural effect of any vertical or directional well that can explain a wide variety of downhole problems. A trajectory-prediction model able to calculate the inclination and azimuth approximately every 12 in. has been developed to estimate microdoglegs using standard surveys, bottomhole-assembly (BHA) data, and steering parameters. This new methodology combining downhole data measurements with drillstring-modeling analysis highlights the potential for drilling optimization and wellbore placement.

Horizontal and Complex – Trajectory Wells

Following the downturn, the number of horizontal wells drilled this year has fallen dramatically compared with previous historic levels. In these difficult times, attention to cost reduction through relentless optimization of all segments, from drilling to completions, has never been so important.

The American Oil & Gas Reporter August 2015 Editor's Choise

S.Menand’s “Aluminium Pipe, Mud Motors Extend Lateral Reach” article – The American Oil&Gas Reporter’s “August 2015 Editor’s Choice”

This article presents the key findings regarding the benefits of drilling using aluminum drill pipes in a mixed aluminum-steel string compared to a string using only steel pipes in horizontal wells.

Journal of Petroleum Technology – February 2012 : Technology Focus • Drilling Technology

Focus on Drilling Technology by Stéphane Menand Director of DrillScan US.