A Casing Wear Study in HP/HT Well

By: Florent COULIOU

High doglegs were present along an accidental nudge interval in vertical section (up to 3.5°/100ft DLS) of the well, resulting in potential critical level of wear along the 14” production casing. The operator’s maximum wear budget for this casing string being 15%.

To minimize the final level of wear along this casing, the operator suggested to run Non- Rotating Protectors (NRPs) within the 12 1⁄4” drill-string along the nudge interval. But some questions were raised: How many NRPs? Where? Will they be efficient?

The NRP provider initially recommended to install 3 protectors per DP. The Operator wanted to challenge this proposal, and before RIH with 12 1⁄4” drilling BHA, DrillScan was asked to:

  1. Assess the impact of the number and position of NRPs on load distribution along the string
  2. Anticipate the levels of wear along the 14” casing for several drillstring configurations

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