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DrillScan provides a full suite of drilling engineering software which allows to design and optimise every area of your drilling project

Well Planning

Wellpath Design

2D automated well path design

3D well trajectory construction interface (Build/Turn, slant, kick-off, go to target…)

Complete management of Geodesy and Geomagnetics

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Collision Avoidance

Calculation of relative uncertainty, separation factor, probability of collision

Calculation of Ellipse of Uncertainty for any survey including latest ISCWSA error models

2D/3D views, Spider plot, Traveling cylinder

BHA Sag Management

Calculation of BHA Sag error

Optimization of BHA design, according to sensor package location

Survey correction over a run, or over a complete well trajectory

Local Doglegs

Assessment of Local doglegs between survey stations

Trajectory reconstruction, using actual parameters of RSS and Steerable motors

Well Integrity

Well Integrity Activity

Casing Design

Casing selection through Tri-Axial analysis for every load case

Hydraulic and Temperature models: Wellhead growth and packer forces simulations

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Casing Deformation & Stand-off

3D Casing Stand-Off profile using stiff-string model

Calculation of cased-hole tortuosity for improved RIH liner/completion T&D analysis

Casing Wear

Calculation of 3D Casing Wear using stiff-string T&D, and advanced wear model

Wear Factor calibration. Calculation of residual burst, collapse and tensile strength

BHA & Bit

Directional Drilling Activity


Performance analysis for all type of BHA (Rotary, Steerable motor, RSS, URWD)

BHA design optimization and 3D directional prediction

PDC Bit Model

Computation of main PDC Bit directional characteristics (Steerability & walk)

Advanced model, coupling Rock properties and PDC bit features


Field performance post-analysis

Learning curve improvement

Trajectory Prediction

Step-by-step directional computation based on bit & BHA interaction analysis

Directional prediction using operational settings, lithology, BHA & PDC bit design

Drilling Dynamic Activity

Vibration Modal

Prediction of critical Lateral, axial and torsional RPM

Determination of critical RPM at multiple depths along the well


Stick Slip

Stick-Slip modeling, induced by dynamic friction between BHA/drill string and borehole

Investigation into stick-slip mitigation measures


Drillstring Mechanics Activity


Torque & Drag calculations using a soft-string model

Torque & Drag & Buckling

Torque & Drag calculations using a unique 3D stiff-string model, with buckling management

Tension, torque, side-forces, stresses, stretch and twist profiles along any string

Drillstring Fatigue

Cumulative fatigue prediction at any location within the drillstring

Drilling Hydraulics Activity

Wellbore Hydraulics

Calculation of pressure losses & ECD profile

Swab & Surge pressure calculations

Hole cleaning calculations

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