What To Do When RSS Is Not An Option Due To Tight Budget

A Case For Side-track Campaign with Motor BHA By: Erwan de Boisjolly Context An Operator is planning a side-track campaign on approximately 20 wells. As they want to reduce equipment’s costs -avoiding expensive RSS- they want to assess if these wells can be drilled with steerable motor BHA. The Operator contacted DrillScan to perform some […]

How To Place These Non-Rotating Protectors To Keep Your Casing in Safe Zone

A Casing Wear Study in HP/HT Well By: Florent COULIOU   Context High doglegs were present along an accidental nudge interval in vertical section (up to 3.5°/100ft DLS) of the well, resulting in potential critical level of wear along the 14” production casing. The operator’s maximum wear budget for this casing string being 15%. To […]

How To Run Mixed Lower Completion String To Bottom in Deepwater Extended-Reach Well

By: Florent COULIOU This ERD well in a Deepwater field has reached TD after 22 days. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent already. Now comes the tricky part: running the lower completion string. This is to connect the wellbore to the reservoir. If something goes wrong, those tens of millions of dollars will […]

How to get out of a predicament of an unexpected side-track

A geothermal well doublet producing from a 75°C aquifer, had been operated for over 29 years. The last calliper run performed to control the ID of the 9 5/8” casing indicated there was corrosion and sediments clogging the inner side walls of the injector well, which was hindering production. To regain well integrity, a workover was performed to clean out the 9 5/8” casing in order to reline it. During the workover operations, a cement squeeze-flash occurred causing the 3 ½” drill string being stuck in hole. Remedial operations using coiled tubing was stopped after over two weeks of unsuccessful attempts. The injector well was then suspended with a cement plug set on top of the fish.