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How to get out of a predicament of an unexpected side-track

A geothermal well doublet producing from a 75°C aquifer, had been operated for over 29 years. The last calliper run performed to control the ID of the 9 5/8” casing indicated there was corrosion and sediments clogging the inner side walls of the injector well, which was hindering production. To regain well integrity, a workover was performed to clean out the 9 5/8” casing in order to reline it. During the workover operations, a cement squeeze-flash occurred causing the 3 ½” drill string being stuck in hole. Remedial operations using coiled tubing was stopped after over two weeks of unsuccessful attempts. The injector well was then suspended with a cement plug set on top of the fish.

Continuous Inclination Measurements and BHA Modeling Help Detect Microdoglegs

Microdoglegs are a natural effect of any vertical or directional well that can explain a wide variety of downhole problems. A trajectory-prediction model able to calculate the inclination and azimuth approximately every 12 in. has been developed to estimate microdoglegs using standard surveys, bottomhole-assembly (BHA) data, and steering parameters. This new methodology combining downhole data measurements with drillstring-modeling analysis highlights the potential for drilling optimization and wellbore placement.

Horizontal and Complex-Trajectory Wells

With the long-term price of a barrel of oil projected to hover around $50, all actors in the oil and gas industry have been forced to change or adapt their processes to try to reduce costs and sustain profitability. Accompanying the downturn, the oil and gas industry has entered a new era of digitalization, introducing new buzzwords to our industry such as artificial intelligence, digital twin, machine learning, neural network, industrial Internet of Things, and cloud computing, just to name a few.

DrillScan Software Casing Wear

The invaluable added value of Stiff Torque and Drag and Buckling modeling for Casing Wear applications DrillScan is coming on the market with a new Casing Wear Service and software. Our model couples the benefits of our 3D detailed rigid calculation of the contact forces along with full meshing of the casing. Effects of doglegs, […]

Drill String Buckling in Unconventional Wells

This video, created from WellScan software, shows a typical case study for unconventional wells. The software simulates the drilling rotary phase along the lateral, where one sees first the vertical phase with no apparent buckling, then the curve with strong side forces and bending stress along the pipe, and at last the lateral section where […]

DrillScan on SPE Offshore Europe 2017
5-8 September 2017, Aberdeen (UK)

  DrillScan will be in Aberdeen (UK) for SPE Offshore Europe – Conference & Exhibition – 5-8 September 2017 Please visit our booth #3B148 It will be the opportunity to answer your questions regarding our advanced drilling optimization software WellScan® and our range of consulting services for the drilling industry. For more details about this […]