Stéphane Menand - Managing Director of DrillScan US

Stéphane MENAND

Managing Director of DrillScan US Inc – SPE member / DrillScan USA


DrillScan Collaborator since 2008

SPE memeber based in Houston. Previously, he held a research position at Mines ParisTech university. He has 17 years of experience in the Oil&Gas industry, mainly as an R&D project manager in drilling engineering, more specifically in directional drilling, drill string mechanics (torque, drag, and buckling), drilling dynamics and drill-bit performance.

Stéphane Menand has authored several SPE and other technical papers (25+), patents, and he earned a PhD degree in drilling engineering from Mines ParisTech. He serves on the Journal of Petroleum Technology Editorial Committee and SPE Drilling & Completions Journal (Associate Editor).

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