Régis Studer - General Manager – SPE member / DrillScan France


Managing Director of DrillScan Europe – SPE member / DrillScan Europe


DrillScan Collaborator since 2013

He has 34 years Oil & Gas industry experience split in 10 years with Schlumberger in the field of directional drilling and measurements, 20 years with TOTAL as Drilling Supervisor, Drilling Superintendent, Senior Drilling Engineer and Drilling Manager, and 4 years with DrillScan.
He was TOTAL’s champion in Directional Drilling (ERD, Multilaterals, Advanced Survey Management, Relief Wells) from 2004 and led TOTAL’s BOTF (blow out task force) engineering group from 2008 to end of 2012 being involved in 3 projects (Libya, Nigeria and UK).
He has a wide drilling, completion, WO and well integrity experience covering Deep Water drilling in Angola to Foothills drilling in Iran and France in extreme sour gas environment. He held a Drilling Manager position covering TOTAL E&P France’s assets from 2009 to early 2013.
Régis earned a Master’s of sciences from the ENSPM – IFP (French Petroleum Institute) in Paris.

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