• DrillScan
    Independent and global since 2001

    DrillScan bridges the gap between research and the Oil & Gas industry.

Who we are

We are an independent company that offers unique business solutions for improving drilling performance.

Our company is organized into three departments. Drilling software development, Well engineering services and an R&D Oil & Gas laboratory.

We help our customers in their choices; with guidance and definition of robust drilling systems for specific applications such as:

  • Complex wells
  • Deep water drilling
  • HPHT
  • Foothills
  • HDD
  • SAGD
  • CBM
  • ERD
  • and more…



Improved Well safety / Well barrier efficiency (Centralizer Stand-off / Cement Barriers).

Avoid accidents, well blowout disasters and their associated costs.

Non Productive Time

DrillScan’s solutions enable operators to reduce absolute Non Productive Time (NPT) from 20% to 16% or 1 to 2% for every drilled well. Unlocks an average saving of 0.8 million USD for a standard deepwater development well.

Rate Of Penetration

Improved ROP through optimized bit/BHA design & bit selection.

Gain 10 to 20% ROP.

Save up to 1 million USD per well for non-conventional wells.

Better well-path description

Improved well-path description for trouble free tubular running operations.

Gain 10 to 20% on trouble free tubular tripping operations: drill strings, casing and completion strings.

Save 1 million USD per well for a standard deep water development.

Improved wellbore TVD positioning

Improved TVD wellbore positioning through the reservoir.

Unlock reserves with a combined enhanced well placement and reservoir management and gain millions of additional USD.

In the business for more than 30 years

Drilling engineering R&D projects, software architects & I.T developers.

DrillScan’s Team & Managers

Stéphane Menand - Managing Director of DrillScan US

Stéphane MENAND

President DrillScan Energy & DrillScan US – Houston – Lyon

17 years of experience in the Oil&Gas industry, mainly as an R&D project manager in drilling engineering, more specifically in directional drilling, drill string mechanics.

Ludovic Macresy - President DrillScan France


President DrillScan Middle-East & Asia – Abu Dhabi

10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and has successfully led multiple projects in the field of directional drilling, drill string mechanics and advanced survey management.

Régis Studer - General Manager – SPE member / DrillScan France


President DrillScan Europe – Pau

34 years O&G industry experience split in 10 years with Schlumberger and 20 years with TOTAL as drilling supervisor, drilling superintendent, senior drilling engineer and drilling manager, 4 years with DrillScan.

Christophe SIMON - Founder – SPE member / DrillScan France

Christophe SIMON

Founder – Lyon

15 years of experience in drilling mechanics as an R&D Manager, software architect & managing director and has authored several SPE papers in directional drilling.

Partners & Clients

Our customers are operators for R&D sponsorship and software validation, french leading drilling laboratories for highly innovative drilling R&D projects.

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